Qnet is a great fraud - is it really true?

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Published: 22nd June 2010
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Qnet started in 1998. They have dispersed over a massive area having subsidiary companies in over 22 nations, worldwide with QNET as the administrative arm .QNET is company whose head office is based in Hong Kong.

They use the method of interactive marketing, also known as word of mouth publicizing and e-stores to distribute and advertise their gaping range of products. QNET has extensive range of products ranging from Luxury and Collectible Products like rare coins, jewelry, watches; Vacation and Holiday packages; Wellness and Health products like the bio disc, pendant, personal care products; Telecom packets and much more. In Qnet, an allocator is qualified as an independent representative once he/she purchases the products of his/her choice from the broad range of products that the Qnet offers.

A virtual office is given to the IR and they are now suppose to distribute these products and promote the business to get a better business. QNET uses a very effective, twofold compensation plan. IR has to advertize this business to atleast two individuals who would buy the products of their choice from QNET. This way the individual representative starts earning commission. QNET allows members to purchase their products online and does not charge on monthly basis, this is one of the best feature of Qnet. The fact is that its a legal network marketing company and has a broad range of best products and is a very interesting business model. This is completely ridiculous to say that Qnet is a fraud company because it is not. I am using its products and they are really good. If You want to start your business with Qnet remember that success depends on independent representative's hard work also.

One should have a positive approach. Its not an easy money scheme but you have to be smart to get things work your way. There is no doubt that this business is profitable but one must put in his best to get the best. QNET network marketing business, gives you a chance of making the best of every penny you spend on it. And as Shakespeare says, "this world is a stage and we are all players in different scenes". Those who play well go on. Those who play badly will blame the game, the mentor, the curtains and the costume.

QNET will provide you a platform and will also impart training but the rest depends on your way of executing your marketing plans, Don't get washed-up with small shortcomings take it as an chance to do better, then you will surely earn well. It would improve your living and life could change for better.

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